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Children's Orthotics and Prosthetics

Here at Children’s, our mission is to provide the absolute finest care available to our patients, in a comfortable location dedicated to pediatric patients and their parents, while working closely with clinicians, physicians and therapists to achieve the best possible outcome. In addition to being part of our local allied health care team, we also look forward to the future by using outcome measures to further the O&P field through research and development with peers around the world.

Alicia has been a Las Vegas valley resident for over 15 years, and started her journey into orthotics and prosthetics in 1998 while attending the prestigious University of Washington’s Prosthetic and Orthotics program. She also holds a B.S. in Cell and Molecular Biology, specializing in cancer research and is a mother of two young boys. Her hobbies include decompression diving, photography and exploring the nearby desert.


Our Services


We offer STARband cranial remolding orthoses to correct plagiocephaly, brachycephaly, scaphocephaly and post-operative craniosynostosis. Using next-generation portable 3D scanning, we make the process fast and fuss-free for baby and parents.

DAFO/Surestep AFO

Dynamic orthoses fabricated to your exact specifications. DAFO/Surestep AFO provides support to help a patient maintain a foot/ankle position, encourage mobility, and ultimately, improve stability and success.

Upper and Lower Extremity Prosthetics

We design and custom fit prosthetics for children ranging in age from a few months to 21 years of age. We consider function, flexibility, mobility and room for growth as benchmarks to keep your little ones on the move and seamlessly adapting to new environments.

SPIO/Deep Sensory Vests

Stabilizing Pressure Input Orthosis (SPIO) assists patients with stability and proprioceptive deficits through deep pressure.  SPIO is designed to provide and enhance deep pressure sensory input.

Ideal for patients with Retts, Angelmans and Down Syndrome, Cerebral palsy; Athetoid, Ataxia, Quadriplegia, Spastic diplegia, Hemiplegia, Instability issues, Hypertonia and Hypotonia, Brachial plexus injuries, Autism and Sensory Processing disorders and related developmental delays and disabilities

Sports Braces

One size does not fit all, we offer custom fit sports braces for all ages. Designed for each patient’s specific activities, we keep them in the game and prevent motor injures as they grow.

We Also Offer:
  • Benik Hand Splints
  • Cranial Protective Helmets
  • LSO/TLSO/Scoliosis
  • KAFO
  • Orthopedic Shoes and Inserts
  • Much more…

Our Staff